Saturday, September 26, 2015

Veteran's Quilt Project

Annie, our cyber CSQ member, donated this great quilt to our veterans in 2014 (one of many quilts she has sent from Vashon, WA). She also shared the pattern with us.

Annie saw an antique quilt made from this pattern and was inspired to draft it. She doesn't know the name of the pattern, so if someone does, please let us know, as we are calling it Annie's Star. We started the year off featuring this as our January Block of the Month, using leftover batiks from a raffle quilt we made for W.H.E.A.T.  - for the pattern and directions see the link here.
It's an easy pattern to cut and sew and offers all sorts of possible looks. Betsy made a veteran quilt in red and black, her trade-mark colors. You can see it by clicking on FLICKER at the lower right and scrolling through all the pictures.
The blocks each month are turned in, sewn together by a volunteer and the tops wait to take a turn on a volunteer's longarm. Vicki so generously quilted FORTY quilts last year, and this year we have another volunteer, Terry, who has jumped in to help, and I've lost track of how many she has done in a very short time. Thanks to both Vicki and Terry, for making our on-going project possible. The cost of batting and backing fabric is covered by donations to our club, as well as such things as the silent auction we had last month.
Guess which quilt had its turn on the longarm? If you guessed Annie's Star from our January blocks you would be correct. I saw Terry yesterday and she gave me this quilt, ready for a binding. The picture doesn't do it justice - see below for a close-up showing Terry's beautiful quilting!
All quilts are given to veterans receiving dialysis or out-patient chemo at  The V.A. McGuire Hospital in Richmond, VA. The need there is great and we welcome your quilts.
THANKS to EVERYONE for sewing and caring about our veterans!
I have some other very good news regarding our Veteran's Quilt Project, but I will save it for another post, in a few days.
Happy sewing on this much needed rainy day in Virginia.

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