Monday, April 6, 2015

Veteran's Quilts 13 - 20

It's only April and I've reached half of my goal for the year. I set 40 as my target (and limit) for quilting veteran's quilts so that I make sure I set aside time to quilt my own quilts. Last week I decided to roll through as many of the ones I have here as I can.

I'll be taking a break from veteran's quilts for a few months and will start taking them again in July. I have several of my own quilts that I need to focus on for a while. Besides we are basically out of backing fabric so I could only quilt a couple more right now anyway.

Here are the quilts that I'll be bringing to the Friday sewing and the meeting on Tuesday.

This one was donated by a blog reader and needs someone to bind it.

This is another donation that needs binding.

These 2 were also donated and Elsa has volunteered to bind them.


  1. I'll bind the first one.

  2. Some great quilts - thanks for all your quilting!