Thursday, October 16, 2014

Batting for charity quilts

In our meeting this week we had a long discussion about the batting that we buy for the veteran's quilts and whether we wanted to use that batting for other charity quilt projects. After discussion we decided that we would keep the king size rolls of batting specifically for veteran's quilts and would purchase a queen size roll (30 yards) to use for other charity quilts. We will see how it goes with one roll and make decisions about purchasing more batting as needed.

I was authorized to go to Virginia Longarm to purchase a roll of batting and did that today. They were out of stock of the queen rolls but when I told them what it was for they offered us an "irregular" roll for FREE! I don't know what's wrong with it. It might have some holes or some thin areas but I'm sure there's plenty of good sections for us to get a lot of charity quilts!

If you need batting for charity quilts just send me a message before a meeting (like at least a day before) and I'll cut the batting and bring it to the meeting for you.

If you happen to be at Virginia Longarm to drop off or pick up a quilt please thank them for their generous donation and support!

About quilting. I will continue to quilt the veteran's quilts that are withing the 48 x 60 size range. I'm not able to quilt any other quilts. I'll start taking veteran's quilts again in January so if you are working on quilt tops please hold them until the January meeting!


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