Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sewing - March 7 & 8

Our Friday sewing day started with freezing rain and sleet - more of the miserable winter weather that just doesn't want to go away!  Before the tables filled up I thought it would be nice to show off our wonderful sewing room, which is actually a small building that years ago was the lunch room at the Montpelier School.  It is light and bright and a perfect sewing room provided to us by Hanover County Parks and Recreation.

The restrooms and kitchen are at this end of the room. Can't you just imagine all the children that went to the serving window to get their tray of food?  The room has a wonderful feel to it.
Julie got busy sewing together her Disappearing 9-Patch blocks -
 inspired by a quilt made by Carole.
All batiks are from Julie's stash - no repeats. It is for a veteran. 
Julie has lots of projects and pieced 5 blocks for this quilt:
Nancy's quilt is also for a veteran.
Georgie stitched a lovely fabric bowl.

Sandy and Linda worked together cutting strips for a "Take Two" quilt.
Carol got busy cutting fabric and a few hours later produced this
quilt for a veteran.
She added top & bottom borders after I took the picture.
Estelle continues to work magic with a bag of donated
pieced triangles to make veterans quilts. This is quilt #2.
By the end of the day she had doubled the blocks shown in this picture.

Becky's on-going Friday/Saturday project is paper piecing 6" blocks.
Union Square was our January Block of the Month and we have another veteran's quilt top.
The blocks look great together and it's ready to go to Vicki for machine quilting.

Shaded 9-Patch was our block for February and look how many have been made.
Thank you for making blocks each month.
Please REMEMBER to bring your blocks on Tuesday. 

I know we are all keeping Iris and Deb in our thoughts and prayers.
The MRI/Scans this week were reason to rejoice - let the prayers continue.
(Our April 8 program will be a "project" for Iris)  


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  1. I'm so sorry I missed it! I did sew at home though.