Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The last 3 quilts!

My personal quiltathon is done! These 3 quilts are numbers 18 - 20 and are the last I will be quilting this year. Now it's time to work on some of my own quilts although these 20 were a lot of fun to do.

I'm sure you can guess that Betsy made this one. All of those little HSTs are a great clue. I quilted this one with an all-over leaf motif.

This quilt is Elsa's. She found it in her UFO pile and thought it would be a good veteran's quilt. Because of the floral print fabric I quilted the leaf meander on this one too.

This is the last of the mystery quilts. Peg made this beachy version. I quilted it with the wavy cross hatch in a pale blue thread. It really emphasized the beach feel of this happy quilt.

I'll bring all of the remaining quilts to the Montpelier Center this Friday. It's very exciting to know that we have 20 more veteran's quilts to deliver in December.


  1. GREAT job, Vicki.

    Thanks so much for all your millions of stitches for our veterans!

  2. Thanks Vicki for your time and effort.

  3. What fun! These look great. I will plan to come by on Friday to pick up my quilt. THANK YOU, Vicki!

  4. I love all three but that last one pops! Beautiful job!